Two people were sent to hospital Saturday after falling about 20 feet from a Ferris wheel at a popular music festival in Montebello, Quebec.

Paramedics say a man and a woman were treated for minor injuries after falling from a Ferris wheel. One rider was treated for a serious, but non-life threatening head injury.

Jenny Ridge attended the festival and witnessed the incident. She saw one individual fall to ground, hitting a sign and some metal bars on the way down.

"it made a pretty sickening noise and then they hit the ground and chaos ensued shortly after," Ridge said.

Ridge said emergency responders were quick to arrive on scene.

In a statement, a representative from Rockfest said the Ferris wheel has been shut down for the rest of the event.

"All security measures were taken to get the help of paramedics and the fireman," Catherine Bergevin said in an emailed statement.

It remains unclear how the two fell from their seat.