Two people from Ottawa were killed when their small plane crashed in Port Hope, Ont. this weekend.

Northumberland OPP say a Piper Cherokee aircraft crashed just before 9 p.m. Saturday near a private airstrip in the vicinity of Kellogg and Massey roads in rural Port Hope, about 100 km east of Toronto.

Alvin Crosby, 74, and Suzanne Parent, 72, were identified as the victims. Both were pronounced dead at the scene. 

OPP have since cleared the area. The Transportation Safety Board of Canada is investigating the cause of the crash.

The initial investigation has shown the plane hit some trees and crashed on the left side of the runway, according to the TSB. 

However, investiators continue to probe the incident.

In a statement, a TSB spokesperson said two investigators have been sent to the scene to collect data, interview witnesses and examine the wreckage. 

"It is too early to say what the causes and contributing factors of this accident might be," said spokesperson Sophie Wistaff.

"We are currently gathering information and assessing the occurrence. TSB investigators have to examine all the information before drawing any conclusions. The causes and contributing factors will be identified in our investigation report if we decide to do a full investigation."