Two people are confirmed dead following an overnight fire in St. Isidore, Ontario.

Ontario Provincial Police say a fire broke out Tuesday around 2 a.m. at a home on County Road 9.

Investigators found an unidentified deceased victim inside the home. A second person was unaccounted for at first, but OPP said Wednesday morning their remains were also located inside the home.

Neither victim has been identified.

The Ontario Fire Marshall has taken over the investigation and the Coroner’s Office are assisting.

Fire investigation supervisor for the Ontario Fire Marshal's office, Lonnie Schubert, told CTV News Tuesday their main priority was dismantling the tin roof of the home, that has been structurally compromised by the fire, then investigators can enter the building safely. 

"To tell you exactly at this point in time, we can't because we havent been able to get into the structure to look at it," said Schubert.

"It's impossible to get at."

Meanwhile neighbours are hailing two teenage boys as heroes for noticing the fire.

Mati Gouskos and a friend were riding their bikes along County Road 9 when they saw the flames and woke up the neighbours, after calling 911.

"The whole place was on fire, the patio was on fire, stuff was exploding," said Gouskos.

"It was just burning everywhere, black smoke about 30 feet high."

Gouskos noticed the flames were getting dangerously close to the next door neighbours and knocked on their door, who were asleep at the time.

"[I said] I'm sorry but there's a fire raging it's right by your house you should probably leave the area," said Gouskos.

"They're the heroes" said neighbour Patrick Rainville.

"If it wasn't for them, their house might have gone."

But Gouskos doesn't want to be called a hero.

"It was just by chance that we were there."