OTTAWA -- The RCMP Musical Ride horses are going on sale next week and they could be yours.

If you have ever had the chance to witness the RCMP Musical Ride in person, you know how breathtaking it can be. But when its time for those horses to retire, they need a new place to call home.

"The RCMP Musical Ride, basically every second year will offer up for sale, through auction, horses that are not suited for our program," says Sergeant Major Martin Kohnen, Riding Master of the RCMP Musical Ride.

Twelve horses will be on the auction block next week, two of which have performed in the Musical Ride. The other 10 are horses that have been bred by the RCMP, but don’t meet the requirements for their famous show, which only uses black horses.

"From a breeding aspect we often do see some horses are the wrong colour," says Sergeant Major Kohnen. "Because we breed for black, we occasionally still get horses that are non-black. Other things that come into play are size. They could either be too big or too small."

The RCMP’s horse auction has been happening since the early 90’s but this year will be a little different thanks to COVID-19.

"We are going to go online only," says Kohnen. "It’s going to be offered through Government of Canada Surplus. So"

The online auction is open to anyone who might be interested in owning a horse, and proceeds from the auction will be put right back into their breeding program

"We have four chestnuts that are going to be up for sale," says Kohnen. "One very, very good broodmare that comes from our breeding inventory that we’re rotating out of our program. So I think there’s going to be a few very, very interesting prospects."

Because of the pandemic, the Musical Ride was cancelled this year, but the RCMP is hopeful they can bring the show back to the public next year.

"We’re approaching 2021 with the idea that we are going to be able to regroup as best we can in preparation of maybe somewhat of a tour," says Kohnen.

The auction opens on Oct. 5 and will run for three weeks, closing on Oct. 23.

"Everybody that is interested can have a look at the site," says Kohnen. "And if you wish to be a bidder you will be prompted to register, and I wish you good luck."