Seeds of hope are finally growing in the town of Smiths Falls.

After more than six years, there is life in the old Hershey chocolate plant thanks to Tweed Inc., a fully-licensed medical marijuana production facility.

“A lot of people have visions of Grateful Dead fans growing marijuana,” says Chuck Rifici, Tweed Inc. CEO.

“What we tried to do is be open and transparent, so people can see what this really is,” he adds.

What they are is a facility that currently grows 8500 marijuana plants and employs about 40 people. Tweed Inc. hopes to one day expand its operation to 50,000 plants.

“We thought this was a good opportunity and we didn't want to turn it down. We said it was going to create a hundred jobs,” says Dennis Staples, Smiths Falls Mayor.

Many dignitaries were invited for a special ribbon-cutting ceremony at 1 Hershey Drive. The future of the plant has seen its shares of ups and downs.

Despite the shift in production from chocolate to marijuana, many in Smiths Falls are just happy people will be able to find work.

“I was there for almost 13 years and lost my job. So we definitely need jobs in this town badly,” says one resident.

‘It's legal. It's employing people. It's the use of a great facility,” says another.

Construction on new grow rooms is already underway at the facility. Tweed Inc. hopes this first expansion will be up and running by the end of the year.

With a report from CTV’s John Hua