Valentine's Day means chocolate and flowers, but the true meaning of love can be found at Stonehaven Manor in Kanata.

That's where Nelson and Margaret Evoy live. The couple was married on October 22nd, 1938 and 78 years later, are still going strong.

"We have lived together that long it doesn't seem that long," says 98-year-old Nelson.

"All of a sudden we were up there wondering how we ever got there."

The pair met skating at Fisher Park. 15-year-old Nelson was a hockey player and 13-year-old Margaret loved to skate. The two had a crush on each other since that day. After five years of dating, they tied the knot at St. Luke's Church.

Close to eight decades later, they're still just at witty and sharp.

"I'm not that bad yet," responds 97-year-old Margaret when asked if she remembers the day her and Nelson met.

Humour and honesty are a big part of their relationship.

"If we were to buy something, this is the most frugal lady I think you could imagine," says Nelson. "Thank God!"

On Sunday, the couple was honoured by Worldwide Marriage Encounter as one of Canada's longest married couples.

The big question - what's their secret?

"We never argued," says Nelson.

"I think you have to show each other, pretty well daily, how much you care," says Margaret.

That love and emotion is still present in everything they do.

"I thanked her for every meal we ever had," recalls Nelson.

"He did...he still does," confirms Margaret.

Nelson spent 41 years with the Royal Canadian Air Force, starting as a medic and then moving into hospital administration. The couple had six kids, but one died at just five months old. Now, they have 13 grandchildren, 28 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren.

"They have been such good people and good's just right to celebrate it for them," says an emotional Peggy Keddy, the couple's eldest daughter who is 77-years-old.

"I'm in my 75th year and I'm still able to call my parents and have a conversation with them," says Bill Evoy, one of Nelson and Margaret's sons.

"It's pretty special."