OTTAWA -- It’s just a fact that untangling Christmas tree lights isn’t much fun.

It's also a fact that once they are on the tree, or the house, that frustration just washes away.

The lights make us feel better.

Psychologists say decorating, and seeing decorations, makes us happier. Bobbles and lights, apparently, boost our mood.

Whether it’s the nostalgia factor, or that the decorations are just downright pretty, it doesn’t matter.

Christmas Decorations Lee-Ann Lacroix

If ever there was a need for "adding the light", it’s 2020.

December hasn’t arrived yet, but so many homes are already beautifully lit.

Designer Lee-Ann Lacroix has been decorating for herself, and others, for decades. For several years, she's been adding that festive feeling to our news sets.

She noticed many people have decorated a lot earlier this year.

"I don’t know if it’s because people have more time, or because they need to lift their spirits," observes Lacroix.

"This Christmas and holiday season is going to be different, but the same. Obviously, it is going to be different due to the global pandemic and the restrictions and protocols," she said.

"It will be the same with respect to holiday traditions such as decorating your home. Remember as a child how Christmas tree lights glowed red, green white and the tinsel and Christmas bulbs were painstakingly arranged on the tree?"

Lacroix says it’s important to try to maintain your families’ decorative traditions, in 'light' of how the holiday will change.

"Even if it means that you will scale back on the number of family and friends, to stay within the prescribed restrictions on the number of people allowed to gather together, it has been proven that the act decorating for the holidays uplifts your spirits and can improve your mood and, after the year we have had, who can't use a little uplift?"

It’s always a running joke with my neighbours that we are the last minute decorators. December is normally a busy month in TV. This year, we were also putting on the sparkle with loads of LEDs around the property, before the "end of November".

(Now the neighbours are teasing that it took a pandemic to do it. I love my neighbours.)

So, Lacroix says, if you haven’t done so already, get those lights out of the garage, brush off the ornaments and let her share five decorating trends for Christmas 2020!

Christmas decorations Lee-Ann Lacroix

It seems holiday decorating has come a long way from untangling the tinsel, and those slippery, silver icicles.


1) WHEN NATURE CALLS - ANSWER IT! (My personal favourite!)

Simple natural decorating using fresh greenery, pine cones and other seasonal items readily available in our region. 

Utilize what you have or for a reasonable price. Purchase the greenery at most natural Christmas tree vendors and many grocery stores. Simplicity is the overriding consideration when going basic. 

"This trend, in the decorating vein, is known as the Scandinavian look. Simple, basic, natural," Lacroix says.

Christmas decorations Lee-Ann Lacroix


"The Farm House trend is still very popular as it conjures up memories of Christmases past," says Lacroix. 

"Nostalgia is the primary focus of the decorative theme utilizing plaids, and rustic elements to create an interior environment that is ideal for cocooning. This trend can be very tame regarding a neutral colour pallet or busting with colour using elements like red berries."

Christmas decorations Lee-Ann Lacroix


"Platinum has emerged as the new neutral, as the colour is between gold and silver and tends to be softer," Lacroix explains. "There is an unmistakable elegance about the tone perfectly matched with a rainbow of colours, including, taupe, blue, red, black, well you get the idea. 

"You can't go wrong by adding platinum accents to your tree, wreath or rooms."

Christmas Decorations Lee-Ann Lacroix


"This is a new twist on an old classic. I have seen many performances of the Nutcracker and, without exception, it imparts a timeless elegance and the brilliant colours demand your attention," says Lacroix.


"What's old is new again. Gingerbread men and houses are synonymous with Christmas and the holidays. As a young girl, my mother would get my sisters together and we would make gingerbread men and houses," Lacroix recalls. "I looked forward to that activity every year. Amp up the colors and create a colourful, fun and unique gingerbread creation."

Lee-Ann Lacroix shares the directions for her DIY ideas on her Facebook page.