WAKEFIELD, QUE. -- Three young men are being recognized by the ski patrol team at Edelweiss Ski Resort in Wakefield, Que. for helping their friend in a time of need.

"It was just my first instinct to do that," said 11-year-old Cole Williams. "The good thing to do is to help your friend."

On Jan. 13, Kai O’Toole and his friends were on their way down snowboard park, a run they’re familiar with.

However, the unthinkable happened.

"I hit a box and I fell and broke my two bones in my arm,” said O’Toole.

"It was kind of scary seeing my friend’s arm broken,” added Callum Foley, who was also there that day. 

Through quick thinking, they called the ski patrol team, kept O’Toole calm and helped the team bring him safely down the busy hill.

“We’ve seen many of these injuries and these incidents, and I’ve never seen three friends stick together with their injured buddy as these young lads did,” said Ian Izzard, one of the ski patrol members who responded to the accident.

Impressed by their heroics, the ski patrol team tells CTV News Ottawa it’s the first time they’ve awarded a group these certificates of appreciation.

“I didn't think it would end up with an award," said 15-year-old Jonas Wynen. "I just felt that's what anyone would do.”

Grateful for his friends, the 11-year-old will have to wait at least two months before joining them on the lift. But he’s got a backup plan.

“Play Xbox, watch TV, and just chill at home."