Three Ottawa men face drug trafficking charges after Ottawa police seized more than $220,000 worth of narcotics from a west-end building on Wednesday.

The building, at Baseline and Merivale roads, had been on the police radar since late-February as a cocaine hub. Officers had identified the head of the operation as well as several underlings.

Wednesday's warrant uncovered $102,205 of psilocybin (magic mushrooms), 60,190 of cocaine, $33,657 of marijuana, $26,935 of cannabis resin, and $17,425 in Canadian currency.

As Drug Unit officers conducted the search of the apartment, they located an abundance of cannabis marihuana, cannabis resin, cocaine and psilocybin. Of interest in this case, is the large amount of psilocybin (magic mushrooms) that was seized. (7000 grams)

Charged were Michael Keenan, 27, Ryan Pinhey, 26, and Carson Bingley, 28. Pinhey was also accused of possession of the proceeds of crime.

The three men appeared in court on Wednesday.