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These are the most stolen vehicles in Ottawa so far in 2023


Approximately 100 higher-end luxury SUVs and pickup trucks have been stolen in Ottawa each month so far this year. 

That works out to three to four vehicle thefts every night in 2023, and Ottawa police say higher-end vehicle thefts are becoming more common.

"Yes, it's on the rise," said Det. Douglas Belanger of the Ottawa Police Service Organized Crime Section.

"It’s basically doubled year-over-year for the past five years, and the trends are that it’s going to continue, if not escalate moving into the coming year."

Statistics provided to CTV News Ottawa by Ottawa police show the Jeep Wranglers/Gladiators top the list of stolen vehicles so far this year, with 66 vehicles reported stolen. Number two on the list is the Toyota Highlanders, with 49 vehicles reported stolen, followed by 45 Honda CRVs and 31 Dodge Ram Trucks.

"We’re probably seeing about 20 to 30 per cent recovery rate," says Det. Belanger, explaining those stats are for these types of higher-end SUVs or pickup trucks, which are generally stolen for export or “re-vining.” 

He says recovery rates for cars stolen for "joy rides" for example are higher.

Belanger says so far this year, there have been 49 arrests connected to stolen vehicles.


Tamy Vallieres says she had a close call with her Jeep Wrangler.  

Over Easter weekend, her driveway security camera captured two people in broad daylight, checking out her Jeep and paying close attention to the edge of the windshield.

"I thought they were bold, the nerve of them to come onto my property," Vallieres says.

It happened just two months after her husband's Jeep Grand Cherokee was stolen from a movie theatre parking lot.

“I went in at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, and when I came out at 5:20 the car was gone.”

The retired Ottawa police officer covered the Vehicle Identification Number on her Jeep.

"They get discouraged, and they leave.”   

She thinks her Jeep was spared, because she covered up the VIN.

“I think they’re trying to obtain the VIN to be able to fabricate a key, to be able to get into the vehicle and take off with it – come back at a later date maybe, or in the afternoon or evening."


Det. Belanger says none of the higher-end SUVs or pickup trucks have been stolen from garages. 

He says when it comes to prevention – look to after-market Engine Immobilizers, a device usually hard-wired directly into your car, which prevents thieves from starting it.

“No one method is really foolproof, but that engine immobilizer – that after market options are probably the best ones if you’re sticking with any of the high-theft vehicles.” Top Stories

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