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Trouble brewing for planned Starbucks drive-thru in Manotick

There is debate in Manotick, centred around a redevelopment that, if approved, could land a Starbucks with a drive-thru on the village's Main Street.

A zoning amendment has been submitted to the city to build two commercial units. One is a self-serve carwash facility, and the other is for a restaurant with a drive-thru; however, the proposal submitted to the city shows a rendering of a Starbucks coffee shop.

The location, 5654 and 5650 Manotick Main St., is currently home to coin-operated car wash attached to an aging red building that was once a grocery store and gas station.

"There is no one against having a Starbucks in the community; it is a needed function, but there is a question as to if this is the best location," says Irene Staron, Manotick Village Community Association president. "Many have concerns about the traffic, the noise, and the light pollution in the evening."

Staron says along with impacts to area residents, there is concern about the re-zoning amendment itself, to allow for a drive-thru, which is currently prohibited within the boundaries of the village core.

"My understanding, from what has been expressed, is the city says that because the original use of the property was auto-use, meaning a car wash, it's permissible for a drive-thru to go through. This does not jive and it should not be permitted."

The community, along the Rideau River in southwest Ottawa, has seen significant growth with the addition of the nearby Mahogany housing development and area councillor, David Brown, says the location lends itself well to providing a service for the area.

"This is another opportunity to revitalize a property in the village," says Brown. "We also want to make sure that we protect the businesses that are in the core and one of the key components of this particular application is that any business that comes forward is going to be tied to that drive-thru model, which, right now in the village core, is prohibited. City staff are working with the proponent and the village to make sure that these are complementary to what already exists in the village today, not in direct competition to it."

If the Agricultural and Rural Affairs and Committee approves the re-zoning amendment on Thursday, city council is expected to vote on the proposal Oct. 11. Top Stories

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