OTTAWA -- There is a new takeout option available if you're looking for a quick bite to eat in the ByWard Market and Old Ottawa South during the COVID-19 stay-at-home order – a pizza vending machine.

The Senate Tavern is serving personal size pizzas from an automated pizza machine and oven outside the locations on Bank Street and Clarence Street.

"It's been quite popular," said Grant Marley, general manager of the Senate Tavern.

"It's really taken off. We're in our third week and in the past week it's really taken off."

The Senate Tavern purchased the vending machines from PizzaForno, which describes the machines as the 24/7 automated pizzeria.

The two vending machines are stocked daily with personal size pizzas made by the chefs at the Senate Tavern. After you order the pizza, the machine cooks it and dispenses the hot pizza like an ATM in three minutes.

"You get to choose from seven different pizzas and then it cooks the pizza for you in three minutes, or you can take it home cold," said Marley during an interview with CTV News at Six Friday evening.

The pizza prices range from $9 to $13. The menu includes a vegetarian pizza, BBQ chicken pizza, Hawaiian and meat lovers.