Voters in 5 Ontario ridings will head to the polls in by-elections on Thursday, including the riding previously held by Premier Dalton McGuinty.

The Ontario Conservative Leader was pounding the pavement with Ottawa-South candidate Matt Young today.

The pair is quick to point to recent controversies dogging the Liberals and McGuinty who held this riding for 23 years.

“I'm just sensing a growing momentum,” says Hudak. “I'm hearing more and more people that say they are tired of the scandals and want to send a message for change.”

Premier Kathleen Wynne has also been in Ottawa campaigning with Liberal candidate John Fraser, and federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has also showed his support.

Fraser, who was McGuinty's executive assistant for 14 years, is distancing himself from the party's recent mistakes.

“What people are really concerned about is what is important for their families,” says Fraser.

NDP Leader, Andrea Horvath, has also visited the Ottawa-South riding during this campaign, showing support for her candidate, Bronwyn Funiciello, a School Board trustee.

Taylor Howarth is the Green Party candidate for Ottawa-South.

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