Residents and farmers near Clarence-Rockland were also hit hard by Saturday’s major storm.

About an hour east of Ottawa, owner of Delju Mill Farms, Francois Delorme, couldn’t escape Saturday’s storm.

“We realized all the damage and finally we saw the silo was gone,” says Delorme.

The wind was strong enough to launch Delorme’s barbecue 50 feet from his porch. Even more shocking is how strong the wind actually was. Not only is the top of the silo halfway across his field, the entire structure slid onto the edge of its foundation.

“The silo weights about 30 tons and the wind just moved it by a foot,” says Delorme.

Everything beside it, crushed.

“The shed beside the silo, there’s a lot of wood equipment for the shop,” says Delorme. “Which I think most of the equipment is gone.”

Just down the street from the farm, free roof repairs are being offered on damaged homes.

“Their boss is sending them around to see damage and to repair it for free,” says Wendover resident, Robb Coulter. “It was just a good will gesture. I thought it was pretty cool. You don’t get a lot of that these days right.”

The owner of Reno All Improvements, Simon Dostie, is lending his expertise and kindness at a very stressful time.

“I drove around yesterday and I saw a lot of roofs exposed,” says Dostie. “And there’s big rain coming at the end of the week. So I just thought I would help out my community a little bit.”

Wendover resident Sylvain Boudreault is a recipient of Dostie’s kindness.

“Surprised for sure,” says Boudreault. “Following a big storm like that, to even get roofers to even come on site. So yeah, it was nice of them to do that and kudos to them to make it happen.”

Dostie himself was a victim of the storm. Losing a large shed and other structures on his property. His boat, toppled onto its side.

“When things like this happen, you want to be there for your community and try to help out as much as you can.,” says Dostie. “I’m in a position where I can so I’m going to try to help out.”

Back at the farm, with all the downed trees in the area, Delorme is getting an influx of wood and says he’s ready for any and all repairs.

“With all the cuts from the mill, I have enough wood for many, many, many houses.”