Anyone looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life will soon have the chance to take one of the coolest staycations.

It’s only minutes from downtown Ottawa and it’s one of the east end’s best kept secrets. It’s called Hammond Hill and it’s soon to be, the place to be, this summer for those who love the outdoors.

“What we’re thinking of is a really amazing staycation, eco-resort, where you’re 20 minutes outside of Ottawa,” says Hammond Hill founding owner Aaron Markel. “We have a Pioneer Village where you’ll be able to stay in a house that makes you feel like you lived 250 years ago.”

There’s a manmade lake, dozens of walking trails, a beer garden and even two outdoor wedding venues. And it’s all next to Hammond Golf Course. There is also a microbrewery on site. 

“Because we are an eco-resort, we don’t want to waste,” says Markel. “If we do cut down a tree, we have a sawmill in the facility. We turn it into wood. We mulch our own paths. We make our own firewood. We really want to live the message of being an eco-park.”

June solar tent

But there’s more. This is where camping, turns into glamping. Twelve high tech solar powered tents called Jupe’s will be installed beside the lake, ready to rent in mid-June, starting at around $130 per night depending on the season. 

“So Jupe makes high design, off-grid dwellings that bring the deepest parts of nature, together with the deepest parts of design and tech,” says Jeff Wilson, Jupe CEO and Chief Designer. “How better to do it than with deep woods, a golf course and a brewery. Mixed together with the coolest space-aged tents you’ve ever seen.”

This will be the one and only eco-resort in Canada offering these types of luxury tents. 

“So not only will you be able to stay in an amazing, first of its type in Canada, international tent. You’ll also be able to stay in the first eco-park in Canada,” says Markel.

If a Jupe isn’t your thing, there will also be micro-homes in the woods that can hold a family of four. With a bed, mini kitchen, shower and toilet. 

“We wanted to provide a different experience for people that play golf and just wanted to camp and have good food. So we are combining all of this together and offering a once stop shop experience for outdoor fun,” says Hammond Golf Club owner Leonard Gendron.

Hammond Hill and Hammond Golf teaming up to create the perfect all-inclusive getaway right in Ottawa’s backyard.

“The experience is coming and staying inside of nature, not trying to force construction to fit nature,” says Markel. “We are actually tying to bring people in and enjoy their experience here.”