This weekend Osgoode was transformed into a world of sword fighting, jousting and royalty at the 8th annual Kingdom of Osgoode Medieval Festival.

“We have lots of children’s games, they can play giant chess, they can pretend to boffer with padded swords, we have a castle that is equipped for them to play with dress up and with a kitchen and a dungeon, and there’s music and dance demonstrations going on all day,” said Connie Bazil, the festivals co-chair.

On site, characters are dressed up to suit the middle age theme, showcasing blacksmiths, peasants, kings and queens.  

Some big attractions include Meet the Knights, Birds of Prey and Jousting by the Knights of Valour.

 “Jousting is a sport where man and horse work together as a team to charge down as the same opposing force in the attempt to try and unhorse their opponent to the ground below,” said Shane Adams, captain of the Knights of Valour.

Bazil says the festival started 8 years ago as a way to showcase Osgoode, a community in south Ottawa. She says it started with just a few booths, and has grown into the two day full event it is today.