There's more information about the man involved in a gun incident Thursday morning at D. Roy Kennedy School in Ottawa’s west end.

The Ottawa Public School Board confirms the man is an employee with the board, currently on leave.  Charges are still pending against the man, who is in his 50's.  He is in hospital undergoing a 72-hour psychiatric assessment. 

This morning, it was back to class for the elementary school students on Woodroffe Avenue.  The principal says things went well despite yesterday's chaos involving a man armed with what police now say was an air gun.  He walked in through the unlocked front door shortly after 10:30 a.m., into the main office and pulled the fire alarm.  Children, thinking it was a fire drill, evacuated the building. 

Police responded quickly, Tasered and arrested him.  None of the children or staff was injured.

Charges are expected against the man.  The school board will only say he is an employee on leave. The incident has prompted some parents to call for doors to be locked at all elementary schools.