An Ottawa city councillor is pushing for major, specific change in how OC Transpo operates, as the transit service continues to grapple with a badly botched launch of LRT.

Capital Ward councillor Shawn Menard says things have to change, quickly.  

“We can’t go on like this. It’s not fair to our residents and it’s having a detrimental impact on the City of Ottawa as a whole,” Menard wrote in a news release.

Menard has been calling for “sustained leadership” from Transit Chair Allan Hubley, Mayor Jim Watson and Transit General Manager John Manconi on good days, but especially “bad days”.

Menard calls for:  

-24/7 communications staff providing clear and up to date information to the public and city councillors

-immediate external help for “mechanical” and “operational” problems with LRT

-press conferences twice a week to update the public and city councillors regularly

-an evening public meeting on problems with the bus service

“The LRT launch and resulting bus service has been a disaster”, writes Menard.