OTTAWA -- Many took advantage of the warm temperatures Sunday to enjoy what's left of the vibrant fall colours in the national capital region.

“Such a treasure, Gatineau Park,” said Ryan Smith, out hiking with loved ones. “Hiking around beautiful trees, it’s great.”

His son Henry scoured the area for nature’s treasure.

“A bunch of acorns,” he said. “I have a pocketful.”

Lu Wang and her family ventured out to the Mackenzie King Estate for a nature walk.

“The weather is gorgeous today,” said Wang.

“We’ve never been here before, actually. We usually go to Pink Lake, somewhere closer to Ottawa,” Wang added. “I love the colour the leaves. It’s probably the last weekend we are going to enjoy ourselves outside.”

They weren't the only ones out exploring this weekend. A lineup of cars could be seen on the Old Chelsea Pathway for the final weekend of the NCC's Fall Rhapsody.

While some chose to bike to their destination, others took advantage of the free shuttle service.

Some Gatineau parkways have already been closed for the season, as the NCC gears up to welcome visitors for the winter. For now, some are eager to take in as many of the fall colours before the sun sets on Gatineau Park.

“Well, the Champlain Lookout then a hike out here,” said one adventurer.