Dany Heatley wants out of Ottawa. Like a lot of people I've talked to -- Good riddance; here's the door.

Heatley is a talented scorer, there's no question about it. But what he isn't, is a leader.

He is not the guy to pick up a team when it's struggling. The Senators miss the playoffs for the first time in years and Heatley wants a trade.

Remember Yashin? Another talented guy who wanted out?

The Senators picked up some pretty good players for him -- Spezza and Chara -- and they were fine without him.

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Heatley too will fetch a few good players - maybe, just maybe, a few new line-mates for Jason Spezza. And Spezza will flourish without the responsibility of feeding the puck all the time to a superstar who becomes a liability pretty quickly when he's not scoring goals.

Money, we're told, doesn't buy happiness. Dany Heatley, thanks for letting us know it's true.

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