Frustration is rising for a group of tenants who claim they are living without gas at their West end apartment.

Residents who rent at 109 Doane St. say utilities are included in their monthly fee, but a few days ago the service was shut off. One tenant, Serene Schoenfeldt, says this comes a few weeks after a notice to pay was placed on the entrance door to the building.

 “My boyfriend called the company, and that’s when we found out they just didn’t pay their bill.”  

Schoenfeldt says these notices are common at this building. In 2015, residents living here say the hydro was cut off as well.

Ontario’s Housing and Enforcement Unit is aware of the situation and has stepped in. In a statement officials say ‘there are indications the property manager is attempting to resolve the situation,” and that “failure to comply could result in further investigation and possible prosecution,”according to Conrad Spezowka, spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing.

Some of the tenants are now looking to break their rental agreements in order to change apartments. For more information and rules surrounding agreements click here.