OTTAWA -- It’s not your eyes, and the City of Cornwall, Ont. has not changed the spelling of its name, but a sign along Highway 417 reads “Cronwall.”

At least two signs on the Eastbound 417 near the Highway 138 exit have a typo misspelling the name of the eastern Ontario city.

“That’s hilarious,” says Sophi Duquiet, who works near the exit at an agricultural business. “We all had a good laugh at it,” she tells CTV News Ottawa.

In an e-mail, a spokesperson for the Ontario Ministry of Transportation says the sign was installed on July 14, “to provide notification of the temporary ramp,” and that “errors can occur, and when they do, the ministry takes immediate action to make corrections as quickly as they can.”

The MTO says the contractor has ordered a new sign to correct the issue, and that “it is anticipated that this issue will be corrected today.”

As for the error in the first place, Duquiet says, “Must have been a bad day for that person, or whoever did that.”