Some computer gamers can sit and play for hours.

But 72 hours?

Four Ottawa teenagers are playing for three days straight to raise money for charity.

Calling themselves White North Gaming, the four 15-year-old friends are putting their skills, and stamina, to the test to raise money for the Canadian Cancer Society. They are streaming their efforts online and asking family, friends, and viewers for donations.

And it’s working. Their goal was $1,200. Just past the half-way point they’d already raised over $3,000. “It’s exciting. And the fact that we can actually raise money is pretty cool,” says gamer Joel DiBartolo.

The event is in honour of the father of one of the group’s members. Bob Guenette was diagnosed with colon cancer back in February. His son, Justin Jarmoc, says it’s his way of trying to help. “I love my Dad,” he says. “I know he knows that, but I wanted to take it that one step further.”

The gaming is taking place, in typical fashion, in Jarmoc’s basement. They’re surviving on burgers, pizza, chips and pop. “And chocolate-covered pretzels,” adds Jarmoc. There is a makeshift bed on the floor where they can spell each other off for a little sleep although, so far, there hasn’t been much of that. “We’re sleep-deprived and we’re all kind of cramped in this space,” says Brady McWaters.

Bob Guenette says he had no idea what the boys were planning. He says it belies the bad rap that teenagers often get. “It’s awesome that kids will be engaged and completely willing to help out and support a friend like that,” he says. “I’m touched and I’m moved by it.”