Hundreds of Ottawa taxi drivers took to the streets Tuesday morning, protesting a new bylaw requiring the installation of surveillance cameras in all taxi cabs.

Drivers met with Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien to address their concerns about cost and privacy following the demonstration.

Many drivers say all they want is to be consulted on changes to the way they do business.

"In our message to them today we said 'okay, you failed in you know consulting the privacy commissioner, you failed in consulting us about the price and the specific locations of the camera,'" taxi union president Yusuf Al Mezel told CTV News.

The city bylaw which was passed in September requires surveillance cameras to be installed in the Ottawa's 1,100 taxi cabs starting July 1, 2008.

Taxi drivers say they won't agree to put cameras in their cabs and want the plan to be delayed indefinitely.

City Councillor Rainer Bloess was cornered by several taxi drivers at City Hall during the protest.

Bloess says council will be revisiting the surveillance camera bylaw to try to come to a compromise with concerned taxi drivers.

The demonstration caused morning traffic delays on Coventry Road, Vanier Parkway, Montreal Road and Rideau Street.