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Taxi customers paying new $5.56 pickup fee at Ottawa airport

File photo: Blue Line Taxi (Tyler Fleming/CTV Ottawa) File photo: Blue Line Taxi (Tyler Fleming/CTV Ottawa)

Taxi passengers are now paying an extra $5.56 for pickup at the Ottawa International Airport, as taxi drivers pass on an airport fee to customers.

The Ottawa International Airport has been charging a standard concession fee to taxis for picking up fares at the airport for years, according to Coventry Connections President Marc Andre Way.

Council voted in June to amend the Vehicle-for-Hire Bylaw to cover the cost of the airport-related fee. As of Sept. 1, the $5.56 charge is added to the meter rate for taxi pickups at the Ottawa International Airport.

"The airport fees charged to the standard and accessible taxicab drivers are currently not passed on to the customer," said the motion from Coun. Riley Brockington, seconded by Mayor Mark Sutcliffe.

"Such airport fees at other airports in Canada are passed on to the service users/passengers as part of the total bill."

Brockington noted both Coventry Connections and the taxi driver's union supported the added fee to the meter rate.

Way tells CTV News Ottawa its part of the meter fee which is passed on to the customer, "similar scenario to ride-sharing fee structure."

The new $5.56 fee is only charged for taxi pickups at the Ottawa airport, not a drop off. Top Stories

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