Ottawa's outspoken king of talk radio is now speaking out about a new website with his name on it, accusing the person behind it of being "a snake belly of the worst possible kind".

The address redirects to an Ottawa abortion clinic.

"Many of my listeners are really upset," says Green, who hosts a talk show on CFRA. "They think I'm promoting abortion, for God's sake . . . I'm suing the slug."

It's the second recent defamation case discussed in Ottawa. Previously, an unknown person was threatening legal action to find out who's behind the Zero Means Zero blog, which discusses Mayor Larry O'Brien and some of his staff's alleged activities.

Trouble is Green may not have rights to the domain name, says Michael Stewart of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority,

"The dilemma is, there's many people who may have the (name) and any number of those people could have rights in that domain."

Green may have to go to court to find out who is behind the website, adds Stewart.

If he does find out the name of the anonymous owner, Green says that person won't stay private for long.

"And when I get the guy's name -- who's done this -- I'm going to broadcast it and I'm going to have listeners of CFRA phoning him every hour of the night and day."