OTTAWA -- All tables and chairs have been removed from the Cumberland Street Tim Hortons in an effort to curb drug use and other criminal activity at the location.

“It does suck, you can’t come and enjoy a coffee in the morning but I understand where they’re coming from to be honest,” said customer Mario Brisson.

Tim Hortons said it wants to provide a safe environment for guests and staff.

“This restaurant has recently had several occurrences of inappropriate customer behaviour in the dining area, some of which have been violent and have required police intervention,” the company said in a statement.

It went on to say that it wants “to balance our interest in staying open as late as we can for guests, while also ensuring the safety of our team members and guests at all times, so seating has temporarily been removed at this location as a test.”

“It just makes it a more pleasant spot to come and purchase your stuff,” said one customer who applauded the move.

“I feel like that’s unfortunate. It’s kind of like get your food and then go,” said Melissa Dubois Belanger.

The washrooms have also been blocked off to customers. Staff members say they can do that because it no longer has any tables or chairs.

“As much as I feel bad about people who are not able to sit down, at the same time I see some troubles in there every now and then,” said James Kim.

This comes after a Tim Hortons on Queen Street came under fire in December for posting a sign that said customers had 30 minutes to enjoy their purchases before they had to leave—otherwise police would be called. It has since been taken down.