OTTAWA -- Cornwall police is reminding parents to talk to their children about what to do if a stranger approaches them after a young boy was approached by an unknown man.

Police say on Oct. 8, an unknown man approached a boy who was sitting outside of the Benson Centre on Seventh Street West and told the boy he was there to pick him up.

A witness in the area intervened and the man left the area.

Police say the unknown person was a white man, approximately 5'7"-5'9" tall, with a thin build and a small gray beard.  The man left the area in an older model silver, four-door Volkswagen sedan with rust on the front and rear panels.

Police say the incident is being investigated as an isolated incident.

Cornwall police share helpful advice for parents to share with their children if they are approached by an unknown person:

  • Never get into someone's car and never go anywhere with a stranger, for any reason.
  • Stand well away from the vehicle if a driver asks you for questions.
  • Set up a secret password with your parents so that if they need you to go somewhere with someone in an emergency, you will know you can trust that person.
  • Avoid walking alone in the street or at the park, and avoid going into public washrooms alone; always go with a friend or an adult you trust.
  • If someone asks you for help, tell them to ask an adult.
  • Always tell your parents where you are and who you are with.
  • Say no to anyone, even a member of your family, who does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, embarrasses you or frightens you. Tell your parents or another adult you trust if anything like this happens.
  • If ever you feel uncomfortable or unsure about someone talking to you, look for a trusted adult in the area who can help you, such as an employee, a teacher, a coach, etc.