A member of the Ottawa Gee Gee’s men’s hockey team is blasting the University’s President over his decision to shut down the hockey program.

Allan Rock suspended the entire program last month, after several players were accused of a group sexual assault while they were on a road trip to Thunder Bay.

Fifth year defenceman and student athlete Pat Burns says his reputation has been tarnished by the scandal, and Rock’s response to it, even though he’s done nothing wrong.

Burns writes: “despite being assumed guilty by my fellow classmates and the general public as a result of the predetermined assumption of guilt bestowed upon all 26 members of the hockey team by the University… I have not been found to be, in any way, connected to any allegations of misconduct.”

Burns writes that he and other players were told not to attend a year end sports banquet.  Even though he has cooperated with police and the university, “my good name” has been “smeared by the very university I spent so much time working to promote”.