The man accused of killing Ottawa police officer Const. Eric Czapnik appears in court today.

Kevin Gregson's preliminary hearing will determine whether or not there is enough evidence to go to trial with judge and jury.

The charges

Police say Czapnik was sitting in his cruiser outside the emergency room of the Ottawa Hospital when a man stabbed him repeatedly before sunrise on Dec. 29, 2009.

Gregson is charged with first-degree murder, robbery and using an imitation firearm.

The robbery charge is in relation to a vehicle that was found parked at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, where Const. Eric Czapnik, 51, was killed.

Gregson is also facing nine charges in connection with incidents that occurred prior to his arrest.

He is charged with four counts of sexual assault causing bodily harm, four counts of sexual interference, as well as one count of possessing child pornography.

The sexual assault charges involve a minor, and the circumstances of those charges are covered by a publication ban in an effort to protect the alleged victim.

Wednesday's preliminary hearing only deals with the murder case and is not expected to conclude until next week.