OTTAWA -- Police in West Quebec have found two suspects they say broke into a home in Val-des-Monts and stole $75,000 worth of items, mostly to furnish their own home.

The items were stolen in mid-December from a home on Principale Road in Val-des-Monts.

Last Wednesday, investigators found many of them in a home in Gatineau’s east end, in the Templeton sector.

Police have identified two suspects: a 31-year-old man and a 29-year-old woman.

“The suspects stole objects necessary to furnish their residence,” MRC des Collines police said in a news release.

Those items included: a home theater system, rolls of toilet paper, cutlery, decorative objects, a vacuum, brooms, tools, spices, and even the victims’ wedding album, police said.

There was also jewelry, electronic appliances and a navigation system for a glider plane.

Investigators recovered most of the items, police said.