The three men charged in relation to the Royal Bank firebombing on May 18 in Ottawa's Glebe neighbourhood will appear in court by videoconference tomorrow, likely to determine when their bail hearing will be set.

Claude Haridge, Matthew-Morgan Brown, and Roger Clement are being held at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre after being arrested on Friday on charges of arson and other property damage.

Two men are represented by the firm of Lawrence Greenspon, who is best known for representing Mohamed Momin Khawaja -- the first person convicted under the Canadian Anti-Terrorism Act.

"Pre-trial comments that attempt to characterize offences are not helpful to the administration of justice," Greenspon told reporters on Saturday.

Terrorism charges pegged as likely

Police maintained the charges against the three men could escalate to terrorism charges given further RCMP investigation.

"We're confident in regards to the . . . incident May 18, at this time, we have the suspects," added Don Sweet of Ottawa police. "But that investigation does continue to be ongoing."

Still, Ottawa Police Chief Vern White said residents must remain vigilent during the next two weeks as a number of high-profile dignitaries visit Ontario for the G8 and G20 summits in the Toronto area, since some protests may spill over to Ottawa.

Concerns about protestors

A self-proclaimed anarchist group called Fighting for Freedom Coalition Ottawa claimed responsibility for the May 18 firebombing and added they would "be there" at the summits. Along with the discovery of large-calibre bullets in Haridge's house, Ottawa police say they are concerned protests may turn violent.

Chinese President Hu Jintao is the first of many foreign visitors requiring protection; he arrives in Toronto on Wednesday.

Queen Elizabeth and her consort, the Duke of Edinburgh, will make a visit to Ottawa June 30 to July 3. Ottawa police said they will step up security in the city during these events, just in case.

Clement and Haridge are also charged in relation to a Feb. 1 incident where a Royal Bank on Bank Street had its windows and ATMs smashed overnight. In past months, the bank has come under attack for its sponsorship of the Vancouver Olympics.