Brett Nugent is facing an uncertain future.

The 19-year-old Luskville, Quebec native is partially paralyzed, after crashing head first into the boards during a hockey game. “He can move his arms. He can talk. Everything above his chest is good. Below that he’s not, at this moment, feeling very much,” says his sister, Chantal Nugent.

The accident happened October 27, 2013 in a Junior B game between Nugent’s Shawville Pontiacs and the host Perth Blue Wings. “It wasn’t a hit from behind. Not dirty play. It was just a clean hockey play that went wrong,” says sibling Anthony Nugent.

Doctors continue to do tests on the young hockey player, while swelling from the injury continues to go down. For now it’s not certain how extensive, or permanent, Nugent’s injuries are. “Everybody’s praying and hoping for the best. He’s a fighter,” says Chantal Nugent.

Meanwhile, Nugent’s friends, family and league-mates are rallying to support him. The Shawville Pontiacs are dedicating their home game Friday night to his cause. The Blue Wings have started a website called Fill The Rink For Brett to solicit donations, and have made their November 15th game a fundraiser as well.

There are other fundraising events and shows of support on a special Twitter feed and Facebook page set up on the young man's behalf.

Chantal Nugent says the outpouring of support speaks volumes about her brother. “He’s friends with everyone,” she says. “He’s just a super great guy.”