OTTAWA -- OC Transpo says the S1 supplemental bus service will remain in place until “rail services is stabilized.”

The transit service launched the supplemental bus service directly from Tunney's Pasture, Blair and Hurdman Stations on Monday due to a shortage of trains for the Confederation Line.

According to OC Transpo, another 100 bus trips could be cancelled today along high-frequency routes. A note on the OC Transpo website said the trips are cancelled from higher frequency bus routes where “customers have other trips and route options available.”

Eight or nine trains have been running during peak periods for the past ten weekdays. The train shortage is being blamed on maintenance issues with the vehicles.

In a memo to Councillors, Transportation Services General Manager John Manconi says the “number of trains in service at any moment is always fluid and changes based on vehicle availability, scheduling and customer volumes throughout the day.

Manconi adds “until rail service is stabilized, we will continue to provide the same supplemental bus services we have been providing this week.”