The sun set on the Ottawa SuperEx at Lansdowne Park for the last time Sunday, as officials continue to search for a new location for the historic exhibition that has a 122-year history in the capital.

Organizers say they will make an announcement on a new location this fall.

"I can assure you the Ex is going to carry on, don't think it's the end of the Ex . . . we're going to have an even bigger and better SuperEx," said Lyn Presley, president of the SuperEx.

Presley said organizers are dedicated to keeping the SuperEx alive, and they're working on securing the money they need to do that.

She added although they plan to bring the exhibition back to its agricultural roots, the Ex won't lose its tradition of having a midway as well.

SuperEx and the community

CTV Ottawa's Community Ambassador Max Keeping attended the Ex every year for the last four decades. He says it's an event that's important for the community, especially those living below the poverty line.

"One in five in this community lives below the poverty line. For them, coming to Lansdowne Park to the Ex is summer –- they can't afford to go to Canada's Wonderland," Keeping said.

The SuperEx was held at Lansdowne Park every year since 1888 with the exception of a couple of years during the Second World War when the park served as a marshalling area for troops going overseas. The Ex has flirted with the idea of moving to a new location since 1974.

With a report from CTV Ottawa's Alyshah Hasham