OTTAWA -- After 34 days in hospital, “Stuntman” Stu Schwartz says “stealing a hockey analogy, I’ve made the playoffs.”

The MAJIC 100 morning host was discharged from hospital Wednesday morning as he continues to be treated for leukemia.

“I’ve watched so many (television/streaming) series the last 34 days in hospital, but I don’t have to anymore because I’m getting discharged today,” said Schwartz on the MAJIC 100 Morning Show with Angie Poirier and Janel Steeper.

“I’ll be an out-patient for the next month or so, six weeks. I had to get my body into remission, which I’m fully confident we’ll do, and then we’ll talk about the next plan.”

Schwartz announced on January 20th that his leukemia had returned, declaring “I will beat this thing again and beat it hard.”

Schwartz was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2016, and underwent aggressive treatment followed by a bone-marrow transplant.

Speaking on Wednesday morning, Schwartz told MAJIC 100 “using a hockey analogy, today going home and just being an out-patient that’s making the playoffs. Now if I get into remission, that’s winning the first round. Once in you're remission, they talk either transplant or a whole bunch of different options.”

Schwartz added “in my heart of hearts, I think I’ll get another transplant.”