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Students 'walk' across Canada with Parks Canada giant floor map


Canada is a vast country rich in culture and heritage – all highlighted in a new educational resource introducing students to Canadian regions they may have never seen.

At an event in Ottawa on Monday, Parks Canada, in collaboration with Canadian Geographic, unveiled its new walkable giant floor map, part of an educational program for students to raise awareness of Canada's vast nature and culture.

"It's absolutely amazing. I've never really seen anything quite like it," said Arya Duncan, one of the students from Meadowlands Public School who was invited to try out the map.

"It's so big you can see everything all at once."

The 88-square-metre vinyl map allows students to, literally, walk across Canada. The initiative aims to connect Canadians with the nation's vast network of protected areas through an innovative educational tool.

"Projects like the giant map really help us to extend our reach and get into the homes and the classrooms of young people who frankly will be tomorrow's leaders," said Ron Hallman, the CEO of Parks Canada.

"We are supporting the development of a culture of conservation in Canada that spreads from coast to coast to coast. The hope is that [students] see that there's something bigger out there."

The giant floor map is available in both English and French and highlights Parks Canada’s 171 national historic sites, 47 national parks, five marine conservation areas and one urban park.

"We want to connect with Parks Canada to our network of 27,000 educators across the country who reach 700,000 students in every province and territory." said Tim Joyce, the vice president of strategic partnerships for Canadian Geographic.

"This represents another milestone in an extraordinary partnership with Parks Canada to amplify everything about our wonderful places across this country."

Canadian Geographic's Giant Floor Map program includes more than 50 thematic maps, promoting environmental literacy and cultural awareness.

"Children who might not have had the opportunity to travel across Canada can do that," said Meadowlands teacher, Nadira Ranharry.

"It feels like I can go anywhere I want to," said student, Mia Thomas. "I can understand what Canada is, like the importance of the country and how safe we are to be in this country."

Starting in September, educators and educational organizations from all provinces and territories will be able to reserve the new floor map for their students, at no cost.

Those interested can do so by visiting the Canadian Geographic Education website. Top Stories

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