Students filled the front lawn of Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa during lunch hour Thursday in protest.

They are fighting for extra curricular sports and music programs they say they are entitled to.

"We are a student body. We’re like a family,” said student Maegan Mason. “We’re going to stand up for each other to get what we deserve.”

Teachers are refraining from overseeing after school activities. This is the result of the government’s legislation that forced a new deal on teachers.

"Many of us need our extra curricular for scholarships and to get into the schools that we want to,” said student Cassidy McCormick. “If we don’t then we are losing that opportunity,”

Other students said they are more concerned with academics.

"There are students who may want extra math or science help from their teachers,” said student Sydney Moser. “If they don’t get that help it’s really hard for those students who need it to pass their courses.”

“We want the best things for students in our classrooms and we know they do too ,” said Jennifer Adams, Director of Education.

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Catherine Lathem.