Instead of learning in a classroom, some students at South Carleton High School in Richmond skipped school Wednesday to protest against the Ontario government’s anti-strike bill.

“We think it’s not fair what they’re doing to the teachers,” said one student.

Hundreds of students said they protested at the school throughout the day to support their teachers. They said the anti-strike legislation passed by the Ontario government is undemocratic.

“I’m not going anywhere in life without my teachers and I need to support them and it’s not fair to them,” said one student.

“We’re here to give the voice back to the teachers that’s been taken away from them,” said another.

“We appreciate them so much for everything they’ve done for us and we’re here to support them 100 per cent.”

Another demonstration was held at Premier Dalton McGuinty’s Ottawa office on Wednesday.

There have been a number of demonstrations there and at schools around Ottawa since teachers said they wouldn’t be running any extracurricular activities, including sports programs.

“It’s our last year and it really sucks but at the same time we totally understand where the teachers are coming from,” said one student.

Some students said even though they were protesting, they are not against the government.  

“Everybody knows the teacher’s situation. We want everybody to know the government’s situation; we just want to get the whole situation out because not everyone knows everything.”

With a report from CTV Ottawa’s Ellen Mauro