Strong winds continued in the Capital Sunday morning after an intense storm hit much of Eastern Ontario Saturday night.

Environment Canada said wind gusts hit 60km/h in Ottawa in the evening, with heavy rain and lighting.

The winds were so strong it caused a branch to fall from a large tree in the Island Park area hitting a nearby home. Marwan Dirani, who lives in the area, said he heard a loud noise when it fell.

“It really came collapsing, a huge bang,” he said. “My son was crying, and we were worried about the neighbours so right away I went and banged on the door.”

Fortunately no one was injured but there was extensive damage to the home.

Meanwhile, over at Canada Agriculture & Food Museum arrived crews arriving for Baconpalooza said the overnight wind had knocked down the tents and booths.

“When I got here, I found our tent in the middle of the field with a few broken left and some detached parts,” said Andy Nita, from Nita Beer.

It was the same story for the employees at Fireplace Center & Patio Shop. 

“Mother nature decided that she was going to remerchandise everything and reconfigure our booth,” said employee Rod Emby.  

All of the vendors were still able to sell on Sunday – many did so without their tents or booths.

Sunday afternoon the winds did continue with wind gusts are about 48 km/h.

In the Glebe Ottawa Paramedics reported a man had been struck by a branch from a large tree near Percy & Preston St. around noon.

The 62-year-old man suffered a critical head injury and was taken to the trauma centre.