Dozens of stone masons revealed their creations to the public Sunday, two days after starting their designs. 

The stone mason were on Sparks street for the three day Canadian Stone Carving Festival. The event brings together some of the best in the business to raise money for the Ottawa Innercity Ministries, a local charity that helps street involved youth.

"We are a small agency, so something like this can really make a huge difference," said Moira Davis, a youth outreach worker with Ottawa Innercity Ministries. 

The event gives the public an opportunity to interact with professional carvers, as well as artisans and enthusiasts as they turn blocks of limestone into intricate designs. 

"It's a highly demanding trade now because of all the guys on Parliament Hill are getting older and there aren't a lot of young guys doing it now," said a new Algonquin College graduate Corey Dunlay. 

"It's a festival where we can come together as a community, learn from each other and make some good connections and have a good time," said Daly Drevniok, a teacher at Algonquin College's Perth college as well as a festival participant. 

The limestone creations were auctioned off for charity, raising an estimated $10,000 for charity. 

The three day event wrapped up Sunday.