OTTAWA -- A stolen envelope with $140 cash has been returned to a Perth woman, one week after it was stolen from her front door.

On April 13, an elderly woman living on Mill Street taped the envelope of cash to her door to pay for a grocery delivery.

Ontario Provincial Police said sometime between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. a suspect stole the envelope of cash before the delivery arrived.

The OPP issued a statement about the robbery on Monday morning. Const. Lori Lobinowich tells CTV News Ottawa the envelope and money has since been found, and returned to the owner.

Const. Lobinowich says several good Samaritans came forward to pay for the groceries after news of the robbery came out.

With many people using delivery services for restaurant meals and groceries, Const. Lobionwich recommends residents pay with a credit card if possible.

“If not, wait until the delivery arrives, then hand the envelope of cash to the driver or tape it to the door for them to take” while you watch.