Don’t mess with Jack Gamechanger.

That’s the name of a fictional character from Ottawa who can be seen on YouTube – apparently blowing up an entire building in an implied act of vengeance.

He doesn’t, of course. The short video is the creation of Nic Baird and his friend Jesse Huffman. They were among the dozens of people who turned out early Sunday morning for the planned demolition of the 11-story Sir John Carling Building near Dows Lake in Ottawa.

At the last minute, the two decided to use the dramatic event to create a drama of their own.

Baird plays the enigmatic Jack Gamechanger, calmy walking away as the building implodes in the background. “We started to hear explosions. He just started filming,” says Baird. “And I started walking, not as panicked as I felt doing a slow walk away from this exploding building.”

The 22-second video has already garnered thousands of views on YouTube.

It means, of course, that Baird had his back to the building as it collapsed. He ended up missing the very event he came to see.

But he has no regrets, because Jack Gamechanger doesn’t look back.