OTTAWA -- Ontario has been under a stay-at-home order for one week, and been in lockdown since Boxing Day.

The situation and measures in the province have changed many times and so too have the timelines.

Ontario stay-at-home order

The stay-at-home order in place across Ontario came into effect on Jan. 14. The Ontario government has said it will last at least 28 days, which means Feb. 10 would be the earliest this order could end.

Ontario lockdown 

Ontario is also in a province-wide lockdown, which came into effect on Dec. 26. The measures were expected to last 28 days in southern Ontario, including Ottawa and eastern Ontario, and 14 days in northern Ontario.

The stay at home order reset those measures — and Ontario's Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams says they shouldn't be lifted until cases drop to around 1,000 a day in the province.

That means there is no set date, but experts say it could still be some time before we meet the province’s threshold.

“Mid to late February is around when we would reach this, shortly after Family Day Weekend,” said Biostatistician Ryan Imgrund.

"Seems to be about when we would reach that here in Ontario give the current growth rate. That being said, there are some areas that would significantly lag behind that. It’s about half way through March for Toronto to reach that, and about half way through April for Peel Region to reach those numbers."

For small businesses like Tickled Pink in the Byward Market, a lockdown with no end in sight is concerning.

"Going into the shop and having our doors closed and no customers made me feel kind of lost and a little bit hopeless," said Jill Anguaya.

"It’s kind of depressing, we’re still trying to stay strong and hopeful but it’s been challenging for sure," she added.

Quebec Curfew 

Quebec has been following a different set of rules.

A province-wide curfew came into effect on Jan. 9 — the first province in Canada to take such strict measures to limit the spread of COVID-19..

The curfew and measure that go along with it are set to last at least four week, which means Feb. 8 would be the earliest the curfew could end.

Both Ontario and Quebec have said how long these strict rules last will be determined by people's behaviour.