A 45-year-old man has been charged in connection with the stabbing death of his long-term partner, Gail Fawcett on Anna Avenue in the Carlington Park on Tuesday.

Gino Langevin appeared briefly in court Wednesday and now faces first-degree murder charges.

His lawyer Michael Smith says it is still too early to ask for a psychiatric evaluation for his client.

He says, "There was a question about his mental health- and am I going to be asking for a psychiatric evaluation and at this time it is really premature I dont have all the details to see whether or not there is a foundation to make such a request."

The horrific incident took place Tuesday afternoon around 1 o'clock on Anna Avenue in central Ottawa.

Paramedics already on a call saw the whole scene unfold.

The  victim, 54 year old Gail Fawcett, leaves behind two sons. Fawcett's sister wrote on Facebook, "I'm so lost for words..feeling so numb." (sic)

Andy Cotnam worked with Gino Langevin. He says he had no reason to suspect anything suspicious in the couple's relationship. "Gino loved her, it was good, they didnt fight, everyone has their discussion, never any phsicality at all, so everyone is in a daze," he says.

The Ottawa Police Major Crime Section continues to investigate. It is the city's fifth homicide of the year.