Eight students are suspended following an ugly brawl on Monday, October 16th, 2017 involving a number of St. Pius X  High School students.

A video posted online shows one of the students waving a screwdriver in a fight with another male teen.

Multiple sources tell CTV News that 47 students were sent home for a day, while between 5-8 students face longer term suspensions because they were directly involved in the fight. 

On Wednesday, the Catholic School Board confirmed 30 students were sent home and have now returned to class. Another eight were suspended. 

Close to fifty students were gathered in a park at Meadowlands Drive and Fisher Avenue during the noon hour when at least three separate fights broke out. That park is located just minutes away from the school located on Fisher Avenue.

There were no serious injuries but school officials say one student has scratches on his face.

A source told CTV News, tension among various school cultural groups had been building.

In a statement to CTV Ottawa, the school board says an investigation into the brawl continues.

"It is our understanding that one of the students had a screwdriver but did not use it to cause injury. Parents and guardians of all students directly or indirectly have had communications from the school. The St. Pius X School community will continue to work collaboratively to maintain a safe environment for all students".

The statement was issued by Mardi de Kemp,  Manager of Communications at the Ottawa Catholic School Board.

One parent was told all students involved in the brawl were sent home in the afternoon.