The squeaky and world famous St. Albert cheese curds should be back on store shelves as early as next Monday.

A fire last Sunday destroyed the St. Albert cheese co-operative just east of Ottawa.

The loss is estimated at 25 million dollars.

At least two other cheese factories have stepped in to produce St. Albert cheese products.

Fromagerie  Champetre  is churning out 30 thousand kilograms of cheese curds at its Repentigny, Quebec plant.

The cheese curds are a stable for Quebecois poutine which includes fries smothered in gravy.

In Ottawa, the Elgin Street Diner uses more than 600 pounds of St. Albert cheese curds a week.

Most stores have run out of St. Albert cheese products.

The cheese shortage even made it to the Kijiji online classified site.

A brick of St. Albert’s brick cheese is being offered online  for 55 dollars.

Before the fire, the brick sold in stores for about 7 dollars.