St. Albert got its Guinness World Record back.

Sunday, hundreds of farmers descended on a field in the eastern Ontario town, about 60 kilometers outside Ottawa, to have the most threshing machines operating simultaneously.

For five minutes straight, 243 threshing machines worked to take hold of the record.

St. Albert held the old record of just over 100, until a town in Manitoba broke the record in 2016 with 139 machines.

Francois Latour was behind the idea, and wanted to help younger generations get connected to the town’s history.   

“They relate the grandfather, the father, and the kids to show how we used to work hard to make a little bit of grain!”

Latour says getting the record is a dream come true. “To be here and to get the record -this is important to put my name in the big books... and St. Albert,” he says.

Officials from Guinness World Records were there to judge the event to make it officials.

Michael Empric is an adjudicator for Guinness World Records. “It brings attention to the community. It brings everyone together; just trying to do something bigger than yourself is really inspiring.”

The event also fundraised for breast cancer related causes and the goal was to raise $100-thousand.