OTTAWA -- Halloween is a day to dress up, head out, and scare up some treats. But this year, many may choose to forgo the door-to-door tradition.

For one Ottawa resident, though, no trick-or-treating doesn't mean she can't offer up a ghostly experience for neighbours. On a quiet street in Barrhaven, a spine-tingling experience awaits those who dared to walk by. 

Each day, Kellie Iacovitti unearths more mysterious creatures and beings from the catacomb of her Yorkwood Place home.

There are spiders, a graveyard and skeletons. Underworld banjo players sit at the front door of her home. Even the three-headed hound of Hades guards the creepy clowns inside her garage. 

Iacovitti's display usually rests inside her house. This year she saw the need to let the spirit of Halloween come out to play, because of COVID-19.

"I'm doing it for that reason," says Iacovitti. "That's already a negative, and I'm trying to make a little bit of positivity out there."

Neighbours Chris and Lydia Powell stop by often. The retired couple enjoy taking care of their granddaughter who loves to come by for a scare.

She isn't too frightened of the exhibits. Instead, she feeds the hound and skeleton animals acorns. They do look like they could use a little skin on their bones. 

"It's been a wonderful distraction for all of the changes that we're accommodating now," says grandfather Chris.

Grandmother Lydia adds that parents can still go out and have a fun time looking around.

"If at least they take them out and look at the stuff that's out and people put so much effort into it, that's a fun event for them just the same."

Public health officials have voiced concern over Halloween, worried social distancing would be hard when going door to door on top of receiving treats that would be handed out.  

Iacovitti’s hope is that more people will join her in decorating for the season. Her creepy crypt is expanding all the time.

"It's stressful for everybody so you know you come and you have a look here and hopefully take your mind off it even for a couple of seconds."