Flood Zone: One Year Later

Thursday, May 3, exactly one year after the devastating floods in Quebec and Ontario, we are hosting special broadcasts to showcase the stories on how families have rebuilt their lives, and how some are still waiting for help. 

We revisit some of the hardest hit areas including Pointe-Gatineau, Cumberland, Combermere.

Struggling to rebuild after last year's flooding

Unable to rebuild, one Ottawa woman leaves the City after the flood. CTV’s Stefan Keyes has details.

Rebuilding after the floods in Pointe Gatineau

CTV’s Graham Richardson tells us what's changed in Pointe Gatineau one year after the floods.

A grim, magic number in Quebec...65 %

Unable to rebuild, one Ottawa woman leaves the City after the flood. CTV’s Stefan Keyes has details.

A grim, magic number in Quebec...65 %

Another part of the recovery...

Some were forgiven mortgage payments for 6 months to allow people to spend that money on repairs.

The bank moves those payments to the end of the mortgage term.

Another part of the recovery...

Cumberland still working to rebuild after floods

Neighbours find different solutions to repair damage after the flood, CTV’s Patricia Boal has details.

Floods caused landslides in Combermere

Upper Ottawa Valley community in Combermere shores up the banks after the 2017 floods. CTV’s Catherine Lathem reports.

Touring Pointe Gatineau

Gatineau resident Jonathan Brennan tells CTV Ottawa’s Graham Richardson how life has changed since the floods.

In the Flood Zone: One Year Later

CTV's Graham Richardson joins Michael O'Byrne to look back at the 2017 floods and how some residents are coping.

Remembering dramatic landslide in Combermere

CTV's Catherine Lathem returns to Combermere to remember the a dramatic landslide caught on camera.

Sarah Revisits the Flood Zone


Watch CTV Morning Live’s Sarah Freemark as she returns to Clarence-Rockland one year after 2017’s historic flooding

Ottawa opens Flood Info Centres

The City of Ottawa is opening Flood Information Centres in four communities today in anticipation of minor flooding. 

More info...

Sandbags ready for possible flooding

Gatineau City Councillor Mike Duggan says they are prepared if the Ottawa River rises in the next few days.

CTV Ottawa coverage from the spring flooding in 2017


Cumberland flood clean-up

Cleanup & Recovery

As the flood waters recede, many are left assessing the damage to their properties and dealing with the aftermath.

Flooding in Arnprior

Devastating spring flooding throughout the region

Ontario and western Quebec residents have been forced to evacuate after an unforgiving flood as prompted military response.


Flood victims finding a new normal after flood waters recede

Red Cross to provide $4 million to spring flood victims

Signs of relief in Gatineau

Flood relief meeting in Gatineau overflows with worried residents

Flooded home owners encouraged to document everything

Federal employees to return to work in Gatineau Wednesday

Flood update: What's next for Horton Township

What about all those flooded vehicles?

'It's bad': Ottawa Valley residents work hard to save their homes

Ontario Premier visits flood regions in Eastern Ontario

Federal and Quebec offices closed again Tuesday

Volunteers driving up spirits in flood relief

In The Flood Zone: Where to get sandbags

Maps show impact of flooding across Eastern Canada

Information sessions for residents affected by flooding

Government offices, schools, daycares in Gatineau closed Monday due to flooding

Soldiers called to Gatineau where 500 people have left their homes

Rhoddy's Bay not spared from widespread flooding

Volunteers needed to help with flooding in Constance Bay area

Pontiac issues mandatory evacuation order due to flooding

Britannia Village staying dry thanks to brand new berm

Clarence-Rockland declares state of emergency over flooding

Landslide hits Pembroke

Flood Zone: Where to find help

Flooded homeowners in Rockland helped by a surprise flood of volunteers

Flooding across the region drives hundreds from their homes

Widespread flooding forcing evacuations in Maniwaki

Record rainfall triggers flooding from Maniwaki to Golden Lake

Signs of relief in Gatineau flood zones

Areas across the capital region dealing with flooding